As a clinical psychologist and coach, my coaching starts with psychological theory and understanding, and maps out your coping strategies, triggers, maintaining factors, and skills-needs. Together we build a picture of where you are now, where you want to get to, and how we will get you there. As a scientist-practitioner, I’ll teach you the most up to date techniques to improve your performance, and evaluate your progress regularly so make sure we are on the right path.

I offer coaching to any climbers of any level of experience; coaching can be undertaken remotely via Zoom, or face to face at the wall or crag. I’m based in North Wales, but also available to travel to your club hut, local wall or conference. Some people prefer one to one coaching or alongside their regular climbing partner, but for others, having the additional support and camaraderie as part of a group suits them best. There are also some self directed packages available for those of you who prefer to work at your own pace.

Dr Rebecca Williams Crag Confidence Coaching

I attended a series of reflective practice workshops run by Rebecca for climbing coaches. Expertly structured around topics of mutual interest to the group, Rebecca found a natural balance of group investigation and theoretical teaching . I came away with a greater sense of confidence in my coaching practice as well as ideas around how I can further improve my skill set.


I've been on 2 workshops 2 years apart, both brilliant. Raised my climbing head game considerably. Thanks Rebecca!


Overall it has made a huge difference planning what to do before going...having an aim or purpose rather than just climbing around whatever routes are free

Really enjoyed the Managing Fear and Anxiety in Climbing course. I came away feeling so much more optimistic about my climbing progression. I came away with so many tactics and learned ways to manage my fear when I feel it arise. Thank you so much!!

Just attended a climbing workshop with Rebecca - aching like a good one now. Lots of hints & tips given and an action plan to get the head in the game. Already feeling improved.

I had two 1:1 half day sessions with Rebecca, focusing on reducing my fear of falling. It was such a positive experience. Before the sessions she talked on the phone so she could get a better understanding of where I was struggling and what I had tried After the sessions I felt equipped with the tools I need to progress. She is also really easy to spend time with! I would highly recommend her.

Had an amazing time on an evening workshop! 3 hours was not enough, I could have done a whole day!!! I was apprehensive at first because it was a lot of sitting down and reading and writing. However Rebecca’s passion and chat was infectious. Her knowledge is amazing and the way she dumbed it down for me to understand was ace. The environment she created was amazing. Would highly recommend


Rebecca… was exceptionally helpful & had quite a few ideas that I hadn't thought of despite doing the usual fall practice


Coaching for Individuals and Climbing Partners

Bespoke sessions for you and your climbing partner to maximise skill development.

Group Coaching

Learn alongside likeminded climbers and gain the advantage of extra support from the group.

Lectures & Workshops / Coach Education

Designed to make psychological theory practical and specific to climbers.