I know you are as worried about climate breakdown as I am, and have been taking steps to minimise your own environmental impact.

For me, sustainable practice is also inclusive practice, and I’m conscious of the intersection between equity and the environment. I’m committed to running a sustainable and inclusive business, so Smart Climbing is run with these key values in mind.

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Low impact – Eco hosting, low data website, no mailing lists, no endless social media content; I do not fly, opt for public transport/ bike where possible, sustainable and ethical equipment; we use recycled materials where possible and eco printing, I use Triodos bank for ethical banking.
Right for you – I offer free 15 min consultations without obligation; I make sure you get the right product for you, that it works and is based on the best available research evidence. I evaluate my coaching and products regularly.
Giving back – I only aim to support my family, not to grow the business; I offer free/reduced cost sessions to marginalised groups/ charities; profits over and above are invested in outdoor projects/charities; I offer free reflective practice sessions to instructors and coaches.


Accessible services – I will bear the cost of any adaptations needed to make my sessions accessible to you and make an active offer re: accessibility.
Welcoming – I welcome all clients, regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, gender/ gender
identity, language, race, and sexual orientation. I commit to challenging any structural or personal discrimination wherever I find it.
Affordable – I offer a number of reduced price and free workshops every year for those who would not otherwise be able to afford coaching.
Accountable – I hold myself and the professional organisations I am a member of, accountable regarding inclusive policies and practices.

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