I offer a range of courses for individuals on dates to suit you. Please see the options below, and get in touch to book your session.

Want some help deciding which package is right for you?

If you are returning from injury, have had a climbing accident, or suffer with fear, severe anxiety or panic when climbing, please get in touch, without obligation, for a more bespoke option.

Indoor Climbing Headgame


50mins remote/online coaching via Zoom, or at the Beacon Climbing Wall, North Wales

Need a one-off boost to your headgame? You’ll receive an assessment of your performance
limiters, a mental skills training plan, and some practical tips to take away immediately.

Pete Climbing Gear Coaching


4 x 50mins via Zoom or face to face

A mix of online and practical sessions, with additional email support, for those wanting to
develop their climbing confidence or manage anxiety when climbing. You’ll learn your
triggers and maintaining factors, receive a step by step mental training program, and learn
practical techniques to use at the crag to develop the confidence you need to start sending
those projects.

Headgame Crag Climb


A full day of coaching for you and your climbing partner at the crag

I’ll observe your mental preparation skills, tactics, climbing partnership, focus and self-talk, give you feedback, teach you some new skills, and then review your performance. At the end of the day, you’ll come away with renewed confidence and enthusiasm, and lots of new skills to practice.

This can also be combined with input from an MCI to evaluate and improve your gear and ropework skills (additional fee).

Mental Skills Smart Climbing


minimum of 6 months

For those of you training regularly and projecting, competing, red pointing or head pointing, you will have the long game in mind. Monthly coaching sessions via zoom will start with an assessment of your needs, draw up a mental training program, and check in with you for an hour each month to check progress and tweak your plan as needed. We’ll review your progress regularly for focus, motivation, imagery, confidence, perfectionism or come back from injury – whatever it is you need for your long-term climbing goals.