Are you a coach, coach and climber combination, or team coach who have got a bit stuck with an aspect of mental skills coaching? Perhaps your climber has a performance block you’d like some help designing some drills for, you’d like to prep your team for a competition, or you’d like a reflective space to think about how best to optimise the coaching relationship.  

You can book in an online session at a time to suit you via the link below, and take advantage of Dr Rebecca’s 20+ years experience as a performance psychologist to help you move your coaching on to the next level.  Topics could include any of the following; confidence, performing under pressure, anxiety and fear, self talk, returning after injury, motivation, mental health concerns, team dynamics, reflecting on the coaching relationship and anything else head game. Cost £120/hr
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“I’ve been seeking coach support from Rebecca for over 8 years now and every session has been enlightening, making sense of complex and evolving client relationships, bringing clarity and a sense of psychological safety to many of the challenges I face as a coach.”

John Kettle – Performance Climbing Coach