£175/hr, £600/half day, £1000/full day

I’ve been running workshops and training for coaches, instructors, psychologists and professional bodies for many years. I specialise in translating theory into climbing-specific practice, and all my talks have exercises and practical elements to take away. I’m happy to work closely with you in the workshop design phase to make sure you get exactly what you need. 

Previous clients have included:

Women's Climbing Symposium

Drill Sergeants & Cheerleaders – Finding balance in your inner dialogue, 2023

Train your Brain, WCSX 2023

Fear-Free Falling; The Holy Grail?, 2019

IRCRA Keynote Speech

“Beyond Mental Training: developing psychologically robust climber-athletes”, 2018


Working with Anxious Clients: Psychologically Safe practice, 2024

Coaching the Mind module, 2017

BMC Injury Symposium

“Psychological Responses to Injury”, 2017

Diploma in Mountain Medicine

“Climbing Expedition and Group Psychology”, annual workshop

Youth Climbing Symposium,

“Managing Competition Nerves” and “Parents Workshop”, 2019

MT All Things Coaching Symposium

“Self Determination Theory and Intrinsic Motivation”, 2018

Army Mountaineering Association

Annual Performance Psychology workshops

North Wales Youth Climbing Academy

“Managing nerves” for young climbers and parents, 2020

If you work with a charity or a group who faces barriers to inclusion, who would like a bespoke workshop but would struggle to pay for it, please get in touch for a chat as I offer a number of reduced price and free workshops each year.