Digital Smart Chalkbag


The digital version of the definitive mental training skills package for climbers, based on the latest sports psychology research, made practical and specific for climbers wanting a performance edge.

The fully digital version of the original Smart Chalkbag; you get the same great content but downloadable to your phone or laptop, with QR codes to scan for audio exercises, an editable training journal, and downloadable/printable cards to take to the wall or crag.

Who is it for?

If you are looking for a performance edge and you have the basics in place, then this package will teach you how to use sports psychology techniques specific to climbing to boost your mental skills. Use this alongside your regular climbing and training regime.

What’s inside?

  • A guide to the mental skills training package and instructions for all the exercises
  • A set of up to 17 exercises designed to enhance your mental skills for climbing
  • A set of prompt cards to take to the crag or wall
  • Access to 6 audio file downloads to teach you imagery, problem solving, focus and confidence
  • A training journal to guide you through habit change, consolidating skills and evaluating your progress

You can choose a standard Smart Chalkbag for your preferred discipline (eg trad), and also purchase additional top up cards for any other disciplines (sport, bouldering or competition climbing options).


What skills are covered?

Your Smart Chalkbag is based on the latest evidence from sports psychology about what works to improve performance, and combined with 15 years of coaching experience to adapt the techniques to the needs of climbers.  Goal setting, self talk, imagery and visualisation, pre-climb routines, managing nerves, finding flow, tactics and much more. It is a comprehensive, self directed mental skills training package.  You can find the reference list for the package here.


Trad, Sport, Boulder, Competition


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