Rebecca Williams

2023 annual review!

Well I seem to only manage a blog post once a year, but thats mainly as I get wrapped up in what I’m doing and forget to take a step back. This year just gone by was the first time in a long time that I felt really well and managed to get some consistency […]

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Joining the dots…

Well I confess I’d forgotten how to log into my blog and before I knew it, a year passed and I realised that there has been a lot going on! Its not possible as a one woman band to do everything, and I have been blessed this year with some great help from Lucy at

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My pledge…

My pledge… The murder of George Floyd has shone a forensically piercing light on racism within our society.  In the aftermath, so many Black Lives Matter commentators have highlighted that it is not enough to ‘not be racist’, but if structural change is to come then we must be actively anti-racist.  This was an uncomfortable realisation for

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A Whirlwind of Workshops

A Whirlwind of Workshops It’s been ages since I’ve updated this blog, mainly because I’ve been too busy working to write much! The last 12 months or so has been a whirlwind of workshops alongside all my regular coaching. The highlights for me were the Dissecting Aerial Symposium way down South, the Reflective Practice events I have

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