If you’ve been struggling with worries or fears about leading, overhangs, falling off, being watched, doing badly in competition, traverses, trusting your belayer, being good enough, or even seconding someone who is better than you and not being able to cope, then this course is for you.  There is a one day standalone workshop on anxiety, what it is, how it is maintained and then practical ways to manage it dependent on what exactly worries you.  There is then an optional second day (run jointly with an MIA) where we will be learning how to deal with the unexpected such as not being able to reach a hold or bolt, falling onto gear, falling off a trad route and being unable to continue, and a host of other potential problems and how to solve them.  We’ll then be covering tactics for confidence and success. Day 1 is based at the Beacon Climbing Centre, Caernarfon and day 2 will be outdoors near Llanberis.  The course costs £100 for Day 1 only, or £180 for both days.

If you’re not sure if this course is for you, or if you want to book, please do get in touch as we want you to get the right course for you. info@smartclimbing.co.uk