We have made some slight changes to this year’s open course programme, and I think you will enjoy the changes!  We start off with a bit of theory behind why we do the things we do on this course, helping you to understand the skills we are targeting.  Next we have some guided self assessment to help you work out what your weaknesses are.


Moving on to the Beacon, there will be climbing specific yoga and a meditation session to help you focus for your climbing, before moving on to parallel workshops by Lucy Creamer and Katy Forrester to help you hone your technique and overcome your fear of falling.  We finish the day with tea and cake (of course!) and summing up the learning so far.  Later on, after dinner, there will be a chance to grill Pete Robins about his training regime which catapulted him from a reasonable good climber to one of the most accomplished sport climbers around at the moment.


Sunday’s programme will have you learning how to get out of tricky situations when you trad climbing (such as falling off on an overhang, abseiling off safely if it starts to rain heavily, or stopping your ropes getting in the dreaded tangle on a belay) as well as developing your psychological skills (motivation, body awareness, visualisation, and managing anxiety).  We finish with some personalised goal setting and confidence building ideas to take away. Oh, and more tea and cake Smile Hope you see you there!